The BIG Mistake Women Make When They Get Busy

You could probably list three things that are important to you, yet  despite their importance, when you get busy they are usually the first things to suffer.

I can relate. As I have been growing my business, my to do list got long. I mean really long. I am excited about the new things I am planning but they will require a lot of work on the back end. 

As you know some projects, be they new, on-going, or going poorly, require a lot of attention. So we tell ourselves that some things in life will have to be neglected for a little while in order to keep up.

As I started to list the things that I could neglect, I noticed they all had the same thing in common. They all were all things instrumental in helping me become the person I feel called to be.

Wait a second! Why am I so willing to sacrifice stuff first? 

It was because I had a pesky limiting belief lurking in the recesses of my mind...and I wonder if it is lurking in yours. 

What are limiting beliefs? Limiting beliefs are ways of thinking that dictate our actions, usually in a restricted or limited manner. They keep us from seeing alternate possibilities. 

This particular limiting belief stated: If something or someone has to give, it should be me or what I like to do.

Women think this way because we conditioned to be considerate of others.

Out of balance, this is harmful destructive thinking. It leads to a countless number of women who outwardly are happily working or serving but are inwardly bitter, resentful, and deflated. 

Does that describe you?

Three signs this limiting belief is alive and kicking in your life

1. When you automatically start thinking how to rearrange your schedule to accommodate others.

2. When you feel mad that others aren't as considerate as you are.

3. When you are willing to sacrifice things that are important to you for fear of inconveniencing others

Most women operate from this limited belief all the time. In fact, if you are a parent, this limited belief is heralded as good parenting (but that's a topic for another day).

How does this belief show itself at work?

You have a big project coming up. You are, either directly or indirectly, asked to put in more hours. You begin to stay later. You miss your workouts. You eat fast food at your desk to keep the momentum going. You spend your weekends working. You skip your Sunday morning worship experience (just this once) to get ahead. You tell your kid you can't make her game because you have to work. While you are working hard, you feel resentful, guilty, and proud all at the same time. Then you feel guilty because you kinda like the fast paced, go get'em action your are exhibiting right now. 

But what happens if this project lasts longer than a week or two? Will you still feel the same. Can you sustain that for a month, 6 months, a year, or 3 years?

How are you going to sustain this pace over a long haul when you have systematically cut out all the things that energize, focus, and refresh you? 
It just doesn't make sense.

How you conquer this limiting belief and regain your power

First, list your values and them rank them.

Then, check to see if the way you spend your time is align with our ranked values.

Last, be brave enough to do something about it. If they don't align, change! If they do align, be brave enough to put protective measures in place.

I went through the same process. I love my work. I love the ways I get to witness people, especially women, grow in confidence and execution. But in order for me to do my work at my optimal level, I can not sacrifice all the things that refresh, energize, and cause creativity in me...and neither can you!

I love to nap in the afternoon. Naps refresh me. Some think it is a little weird that I schedule my nap times. I need them. When things get busy, my naps were the first things I used to sacrifice. 

Once I identified that limiting belief and adjusted myself, I started napping again on purpose. I embraced all the quirky little facts about myself, like my naps, and they no longer became a secret symbol of shame. They became the latest way I was embracing my brave...or embracing my values. 

Do you know what happened when I did that? I GOT MORE DONE!

My attention wasn't divided. My emotions weren't divided. I was focused because I knew I was working in alignment. 

What would working in alignment look like for you?

If you are ready to set your values and make sure you are working in alignment, contact me for a FREE "Awaken Your Brave" strategy session. Click here to schedule that.

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