Communication Lessons from the movie Vantage Point

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Today's #Blog4Biz challenge is a super fun one...and super hard. I am suppose to think and write like another #Blog4biz participant. How would he or she solve one of my business problems?

What a creative concept. And it reminds me of the movie Vantage Point that was released in 2008. Here is the trailer to refresh your memory.
According to Wikipedia, Vantage Point is a 2008 American political action thriller film directed by Pete TravisThe story focuses on an assassination attempt on the President of the United States, as seen from the various vantage points of different characters.Dennis QuaidMatthew FoxForest WhitakerWilliam Hurt, and Sigourney Weaver star in principal roles. 

I remember watching this movie in the theater. I was looking to see how they would bridge all 8 perspectives and wrap up the story. I remember hearing the audience gasp each time the movie literally rewound to begin the story from another character's perspective. It was a novel concept that I enjoyed watching. Eventually, I just wanted to get to the end. But I realized, just like in real life communication, how you get there is just as important as arriving.

This isn't the first time Hollywood has cashed in on "perspective pieces". 2004's Crash  was a racially charged piece that showed how several character's lives connected in ways they didn't even realize. 

Thinking back on it now, both of those movies have a lot of communication lessons we could learn. I am going to stick with Vantage Point for today's challenge. 

There were 8 different perspectives, 8 different eyes, 8 different world views, 8 different sets of experiences all witnessing a single event. 

This happens to us everyday. We all have the same 24 hrs in a day and at some point, we will experience a singular event with several different people. 

It could be breakfast, it could be a staff meeting, or it could be a fitness class. 

The participants in the #blog4biz challenge are diverse. Not only in business industry but also in writing style and perspective. I am going to attempt to answer my business problem from the vantage point of several different participants. 

The Incident: The clients walks into the room and sits before me at the large conference table. He looks determined. Before he gets comfortable, he says:
"I am the program director of a middle school. I need to come up with several programs or assemblies that enhance the lives and educations of our students. It is a big, broad work assignment and I need big, broad ideas. What do you have?

Vantage point of Socamom.com: Everything is irie, sir. Since June is Caribbean Heritage Month, you could put on an assembly highlighting Caribbean culture. The students could put on a skit based on my new book Anancy's Family Reunion. We could do a coloring contest with some Caribbean themed coloring worksheets. We could also ask local musicians to put on a mini concert featuring some of your students who play traditional Caribbean music instruments.

Vantage point of Nutrition With Soul: Childhood obesity is an epidemic and hot topic right now. Why don't we do a "light done right" cooking class. We can take the kids favorite foods and help them recreate them in a healthy way. Devin Alexander has a book called "Fast Food Fix" and David Zinczenko has "Eat this Not That! for Kids".  We could pick a few recipes from those books and do a presentation. We could make it into a cook-off with the winner getting a fabulous prize. We could also enlist the help of local farmers to do field trips or show and tell about sustainable agriculture. We could also have physicians, nurses, chiropractors, herbalists etc. come in and do health screenings for kids, parents, staff, and the community all while emphasizing the importance of nutrition in health management.

Vantage point of Fleur Management: We need to think through what all needs to be done to make this successful. There is research and liabilities we need to consider and plan for. What if we do a Fun Research Workshop with the kids. I can show them how to research beyond a Google search. To make research fun, I can come up with research prompts, and make it like an online scavenger hunt. I can talk to them about the importance of online responsibility. We could partner with the school and public librarians. I also do work in emergency management. We could partner with the fire department, EMTs, even the 911 operation center to talk about how to protect them from emergencies or hurtful situations. 

Vantage point of AmbitiousDiva.com: Those are all great ideas. But it will do no good if people don't know they are out there. We need to make advertising campaigns that includes a central graphic or piece of artwork to brand and connect all the events we will do. Middle schoolers are social media addicts so we need to make this as big of a social event as possible. In fact, let's let the students lead certain aspects of the campaigns. We can do a special after school program that teaches students to be involved in social media marketing. They can tweet about the initiative, come up with hash tags, develop buttons to go on sponsor websites, start and maintain a Facebook group, a Pinterest board, and a blog to help connect people with the event. It will get the word out AND be a program in itself. 

Just like in the movie Vantage Point, you can leverage the diversity of perspective to solve problems. With a touch of creativity and a LOT of communication, we can make sure that the journey to our solution is just as important as the solution.

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