Sneak Peek: NEW Video Feature

Hi Everyone!

This is Julia Winston your BRAVE Communication consultant here to introduce a new video feature I am adding to my blog when it relaunches Aug 1, 2013.

I'll call it a BRAVEBrief!

BRAVEBrief is 60 second topical video packed full of information that will ignite and inspire you to raise your communication aptitude. In just ONE minute, I will challenge you, inform you, and encourage you in your interpersonal communication skills. 

You will get to know my personality and experience my approach to communication. The monthly videos will be relevant, fun, and short!

So if you like the videos share them with your friends, boss, co-workers, family.  Find me...facebook.com/Bravecommunicationllc 
on twitter @BRAVECommLLC 
and online at www.bravecommunicationllc.com 

Until next time live BRAVE!

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