BRAVE in Passion

The Living BRAVE blog” does not officially relaunch until Aug 1, 2013. However during the month of July, I accepted the #Blog4Biz daily business blogging challenge. The challenge is designed to help business owners focus on certain aspects of blogging that will expand their skill, boost creativity, and focus their message. As I started writing these posts, I also realized that some of these posts might help you get to know me better before the “official” content appears August 1. If you want to join the challenge, click here

#Blog4Biz: Day 1 "Why did you start your business?"

I was invited to speak to a collegiate chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM). After accepting the invitation, I really struggled to find a topic I was both relevant and entertaining. 

After tossing around, and might I add tossing out, several ideas I decided to be myself and talk about the one thing that lead to the start of my business in the first place: PASSION! 

Passion Discovered  

Passion has to be discovered before it can be unleashed. Your passion already exists! It is just waiting for you to be observant enough to notice it. It is just waiting for you to be brave enough to embrace it. 

In my talk, I told the unconventional ways I discovered my passion for interpersonal communication skills.  I love these skills because they transform people from mediocre communicators into bold, effective leaders.  

Passion Ignited

Truthfully, I used to be ashamed of my passion. In my talk, I recalled after discovering it, I devalued it by comparing it to others. One day, I had enough of trying to smother the burning flame of my newly discovered passion. It was time to unleash it.

On the homepage of my website  I define BRAVE. It is "possessing or exhibiting courage". It was time I possessed and showed my courage by embracing my passion. Your passion is unique. And how you choose to unleash it makes it even more unique to you.

When someone asks me to help navigate them through a sensitive conversation, my passion is ignited!

When I help someone discover a new approach to a recurring problem, my passion is ignited!

When I see the mental light bulbs come on during a training session, my passion is ignited!

Ignited passion is a powerful tool. A tool that when properly used can produce some dramatic results in the life of its handler. 

A client summed up what I do like this: 

"it was a collaborative effort in which you guided me through the challenges of  a sensitive communication issue and helped me create, organize, and perfect my 
strategy and delivery."  

...THAT ladies and gentleman is why BRAVE Communication LLC exists! 


  1. It's great how that one talk pushed you to learn so many things.

  2. When you are passionate about something it is hard NOT to succeed. I can already tell that once the blog officially relaunches, it will be fantastic.