Five Fun Ways To Say Thanks!

Everyone appreciates a good, heart-felt thank you. But who says saying "thanks" has to be boring? In honor of Thanksgiving, and in my effort to offer you #HolidayHelp, here are a few fun ways you can say thank you to those in your life. Read all the #HolidayHelp posts here.

1. Superman inspired. Anytime Clark Kent needed to change into Superman, he would rip open his shirt and reveal the "S". In kind, write thank you on a tee shirt and wear it under a button down shirt. When you want to say thank you, just assume the position. 

2. Secret word. Remember the Pee-Wee Herman show? Pee-Wee had a secret word every day. Anytime someone said the secret word, you had to scream real loud. Get everyone in on the game and scream as loud as you can whenever someone says "Thank you".

3. Say it in chocolate. Did you know you can custom order M&Ms to say whatever you want? Order a bunch of thank you m&ms and go wild. Who doesn't like chocolate? (well i don't. But even I would appreciate getting special order thank you chocolate) 

4. Use fun phrases.This link has all types of fun phrases like:

"You=Awesome. Me=Grateful"

a) A peach
 b) Bee’s knees 
c) Cat’s pajamas. 
You’re d) All of the above. 

5. Say it in a different language. You know how kids like to play dress up. Well borrow the hats and say thank you in different languages. Don a French beret, Viking helmet, or a Russian Ushanka and express your gratitude. Don't forget the accent...bien sur!

Thanksgiving is a great reminder to say thank you! Take the opportunity to do it and make it fun! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

What is the most creative way you've said "thanks"?

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