7 Phrases Leaders Should Say Everyday

Leaders are in charge of setting the tone for their organizations. If you are a leader, or aspire to be one, here are 7 phrases that need to be a part of your daily life and why.

Why not forces you to think beyond the boundaries you have so conveniently placed around. It challenges the status quo. It forces one to think about the possibilities instead of the limitations. It opens up creativity.

I didn't know that indicates that you learned something new. Leaders must constantly be learning. Don't be ashamed to admit you don't know. It gives you and those you lead permission to grow and learn.

Next time indicates that you tried something. Leaders must take risks. It implies you took action and saw a result. Having done so you are now equipped to improve the next try. It also implies you are capable of learning from each and every attempt.

Asking how can I help tells those in your charge you are there to support them. You aren't going to assume you know how to help, so you will ask. Asking allows your team face time to articulate their needs. It also shows that you are willing to get in the mix and not just watch from the sidelines. 

Thank you shows your appreciation. It shows that you have acknowledged an action or statement with appreciative regard. Even if you are used to people doing what you say, saying thank you reminds you and them that you don't take for granted those around you. Manners never go out of style.

That's good means you verbally give encouragement. You need to tell your people and tell them often that their idea was good and why. When you express your pleasure in another, it creates in them the desire to want to keep doing it. Leaders must recognize the stellar contributions others bring to the table. 

Let me makes sure I understand shows you're clarifying before you respond. It assumes you take a minute to fully understand the problem before diving head first into a solution. Listen well first. Listen for understanding. Listen for connect. Listen to show respect. Listen to hear what isn't being said. All that data informs the best course of action.

What are some other phrases leaders should say everyday?

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