Listening: BRAVE Brief [Video]


Hi everyone, it's Julia Winston your BRAVE Communication consultant here with our BRAVE Brief. 

Today's topic? 

Listening: What it is. What it isn't. And Why Should You Care

On the blog this month, I am going to be diving really in depth into the skill of listening: uncovering misconceptions, fears, and giving you the skill knowledge you need to do it better.


Because Steven Covey once said "Knowing I need to listen and knowing how is not enough. Unless I have the desire, it won't be a habit in my life" <---TWEET THAT

BRAVE Communication is about giving habits that work. So

Listening IS understanding

Listening IS NOT agreement

Why should you care?

Because your attitudes and beliefs about listening will determine your effectiveness in using the skill.

We'll dive more into it this on the blog this month!

Until next time

Aim to Live BRAVE!

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