60 Second BRAVE Brief: Are you a BRAVE Communicator?

This is Julia! Your BRAVE Communication consultant here with your 60 second BRAVE Brief. Today's topic: Are you a BRAVE Communicator?

Communication in its purest form is sending, receiving and interpreting messages. 

BRAVE Communication have is making deliberate, strategic choices in how you send, receive, and interpret those messages.

BRAVE Communicators have 3 distinct traits.

1. BRAVE Communicators are skilled. They learn, practice, and refine their communication techniques.

2. BRAVE Communicators use respect as the foundation for all communication activity.They say what needs to be said in a way that is respectful to themselves and to others.

3. BRAVE Communicators are change agents. Their interactions inspire people to make better choices.

I challenge you to learn a new communication skill, practice it, be respectful in how you use it and watch it ignite change in your circle of influence.

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Until next time, Live BRAVE!


  1. Straight and to the point. I need to improve my communicating skills when meeting new people. I have been told that I send out signals of being unapproachable. (This must go along with my body language!) Looking forward to the next video post!

  2. Thanks for watching Andrea! More to come!