BRAVE-ly Back At It Giveaway Day 8 LAST DAY!!

It is Day 8 of the BRAVE-ly Back At it Giveaway! 
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What communication skill do you need to work on?

Maybe you need to stop doing something? (i.e. interrupting)  Maybe you need to start doing something? (i.e. listening) What might your spouse, boss, kid, in-law, or co-worker say you need to work on? :) 

Giveaway starts 12:01am CST on Thursday August 1, 2013 and ends 11:59p CST today August 8, 2013. 

Winner will be announced 12:30p CST tomorrow August 9, 2013. Click here for official rules. 


  1. Id ay I'm a good listener for the most part but feel everyone needs help in this area. My communication with my Spouse definitely needs some pointers. Lol

  2. I need to work on not interrupting others. Also, I hear my first impressions are horrible because I don't approach people I don't know at ease. I am sure there is more. I actually write better than I speak! There is a reason I am subscribed to your blog...it's not just to soak up your greatness. I need the help! lol

  3. I need to listen more to my wife rather than solving her problems for her. But then again, it is amazing how much easier it would be if she would just listen to me! I have the answer! :-)