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What are you getting back at and why do you need to be brave to do it?

Is it school? A diet/exercise program? Music lessons? A business goal? Or maybe you are starting something completely new. What is it?

I am getting back into regularly blogging about the topic I am passionate about: Communication! When I started blogging a year and half ago, I didn't know what I was doing. I grew frustrated and due to circumstances, I eventually stopped. A recent move allowed me time to think a lot. I discovered that having a plan and goal makes getting to a destination a lot easier. Who would have thunk it?!

It takes bravery to fall off the wagon and then get back up. This launch and giveaway is my way of celebrating the determination in us all to keep moving. It is my way of saying it is OK to make mistakes. It is OK to fall. AND it is OK to start again. Of course, we'll feel bad about failing. 

But don't let the feeling of shame or embarrassment keep you from doing what you need or want to do. 

Living BRAVE means you are committed to live by a set of communication principles. Principles which I will write about.

This blog is about raising your awareness and skill in interpersonal communication. I focus on the communication skills we need to live our work and personal lives to their fullest. I want to ignite and inspire you to be BRAVE enough to do what you need to do. I need you to ignite and inspire ME by regularly interacting with me through commenting. Tell me what you think.

I will post three times a week. By subscribing you will get an email every time there is new content. 

I am excited to be starting again. I am excited to be sharing a journey with you! Let's GO!

Don't forget enter here BEFORE answering the question! Giveaway starts 12:01am CST on Thursday August 1, 2013 and ends 11:59p CST on August 8, 2013. Winner will be announced 12p on August 9, 2013. Click here for official rules. 


  1. I'm getting back into blogging myself....I was on it for about a year and a half and let life, circumstances and a small readership knock me off. I am rebranding myself and focusing on passions of mine to create a business that I have been building at a snail's pace. I need to be brave about doing it because my life is extremely busy...a new baby, preschooler and 3rd grader plus a full time job...if I don't pursue my passions, how will I motivate my clients to be brave and teach my daughters about faith in themselves and pursuit of happiness?

    1. Way to go Alexis! Being a role model for you daughters is a great motivator! I have learned so much about blogging in the last month so if you want to share resources, let me know.

  2. I'm getting back at working out. I started and stopped so many times - this time, this is it. I'm tired of hiding from the camera! As a former skinny girl, every pose in front of a camera has been an act of bravery for me - ready to replace that sporadic bravery with consistent confidence when I say, "cheese"!

    1. Eva,

      Love that " replacing sporadic bravery with consistent confidence". That will be tweeted!!!

      I am getting back at that too! LOL! My move has expanded my horizon and my waistline!

  3. I'm getting back to being brave and living my dreams! I'm going to stop letting others control my destiny!