Communication Lessons Learned From Riding A Bike

I mentioned I was going to be a regular contributor to Adam Smith Blog every Sunday. My first post goes live today! Here is a snippet:

"Our communication skills are like riding a bike. We think we know how to do it because we learned "it" once. We know the mechanics of mounting the bike, pedaling, steering, breaking, and balance. But just because we know the mechanics does not mean we can do it well let alone teach another.
My husband and I discovered this recently when we gave our young kids their first bike lesson. We were just as excited as the kids. We imagined all the doors that would open once the kids learned to ride a bike. We pictured ourselves sitting on the porch watching the kids whiz by shouting," Mom? Dad? Watch this!" We imagined taking long family bike rides to and through the park. All we needed to do was teach them and then "oh the places we'd go".
The problem was we didn't realize that teaching our kids how to ride a bike would be so DIFFICULT. You would think since we knew how to ride a bike, we could teach our kids the fundamentals of riding a bike, right? WRONG!"

We makes these same assumptions about our communication skills. Read how the story ends over on Adam's blog

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