#Blog4Biz Day 13: Say it proud...Your Elevator Speech

The Living BRAVE blog re-launches on Aug 1, 2013. During July, however, I accepted the #Blog4Biz daily business blogging challenge. The challenge is designed to help business owners focus on certain aspects of blogging that will expand their skill, boost creativity, and focus their message. Initially, I wasn't going to publicly share my posts, but as I started writing these posts, I saw the value in sharing...and some of this stuff is really good!  If you want to join the challenge, click here.

Today is a video challenge to write or rewrite your elevator speech. As with many of these prompts I have to do a tiny bit of research before deciding how to proceed. I did an internet search for elevators speeches. Truth be told...I have always hated the idea of elevator speeches. It is just a way for some cocky kid to tell how he is the greatest things since slice bread. Ick! Turns my stomach thinking about it. But one thing  have learned is that when you are a entrepreneur you have to do things you don't love. 

The other thing I learned is that as a entrepreneur you get to control things how things are done in your company. So since I don't like traditional elevator speeches, I have the power to change it. And that is what I am attempting to do today.

I read this article called Your Elevator Pitch Stinks: Here's How to fix It . Based on a book called The Anti-Elevator Speech, the article lays out a few points on how to create a better speech.The premise of this article...and book... is that the traditional elevator pitch is dead. Most people have been prospected in this same way so many times they tune you out at certain trigger words. 

Elevator speeches are these elusive magic things that cause many people to fret. A good one supposedly opens the doors to many pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. And a bad one, allegedly kills your business growth forever! Geez, I have to sum up everything I do in a 30secs?!?! Yikes!

The truth is we all need to be able to speak about our business in succinct terms that leaves people intrigued enough to want more. How do you that?

I have decided to try some of the tips in the "Anti-Elevator Speech" movement to tackle this challenge. But first a couple of declarations to get my head in the right space.

1. My elevator speech is uniquely mineI make it, it doesn't make me. Since my business is all about relationships, I want to extend my brand into my elevator speech so I am consistent. If I focus on putting people first in my training and coaching, then my elevator speech has to do the same.

2. My elevator speech is truly authentic. According to communication research, if 55% of communication is body language, 7% is tone of voice, and 3% are the actual words, then I need to make sure that the message from body and my tone of voice is congruent. If it isn't, people aren't going to believe my words. In order to be congruent I have to be 100% comfortable with what I am saying. If I am not comfortable with it...my body language will tattle on me. I can only be comfortable if I believe what I am saying. I have to be honest with myself and my audience.

There! Those are the perimeters for developing my speech. Now let's give it a shot...(NOTE: I crafted this speech with a networking event audience in mind.)

My name is Julia Winston. My company is called BRAVE Communication. I help you take the difficult out of having difficult conversations. Most people dread certain conversations only because they aren't sure how do it. A carefully constructed message puts you at ease. BRAVE Communication is here to give you the confidence and compassion to say what needs to be said. I build your confidence and compassion through communications skills training, practice, and coaching. Whether you are looking for a lunch and learn, or a unique way to invest in your succession plan, I am here to support.
Ok that is attempt #1.  After 17 takes and 2 location changes, this is what felt most natural. 

What did you think? Does it say I what I do? Is it cheesy? Does it communicate confidence? Does it make you want to know more?

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